A dramatic thriller set in 1951 in Grainger County, Tennessee. When a farmer dies of a heart attack, the heir to his estate takes over the farm. When a series of large, deep holes begin appearing in the ground over time, the heir discovers that someone has been searching for something hidden in the fields. 

The Astronaut from bear creek

Retired astronaut, Jim Mayfield happens to be the owner of Bear Creek Inn. Ten years ago when he retired from NASA, he closed the inn for good and has been living inside as a recluse ever since. No one in the small town of Bear Creek has seen Jim in over a decade and he wants to be left alone. Just when the reader might think this novel is a mystery, the story takes a hard right turn and leaves the reader with a compelling and wonderful ending.

Nick Allen Brown

In 1939 Georgetown, Kentucky, a man discovers an unconscious woman on his farm. When she recovers days later, she tells the story of how she ended up on his property. After her explanation, a series of events begin to unravel that affects everyone that lives in their small Kentucky town. The main character, Elliott Chapel takes you back to when the events occurred and ultimately reveals the long kept, small town secret.

- review of The Astronaut from Bear Creek

"When you begin reading the book, be prepared to ride the wonderful emotional tide and have plenty of time because you won't want to put it down!"


Grainger County tomatoes

Field of dead horses