Nick Allen Brown has a firm belief in paying-it-forward when it comes to helping others achieve their writing goals. He answers emails in a timely fashion, produces videos to answer broad sweeping questions and appears at writer's conferences. Nick is dedicated to helping writers get to a place where their goals will ultimately be achieved. 


Visit Nick's YouTube Channel to get answers to an array of questions that many writers face, but if you don't see the question you need answered, simply fill out the form below and perhaps he will create a video from your question.


If you have a question about the writing process, query letters, agents, publishers, reference materials, format, writing software, mass market publication, self publication, marketing, TV Interviews, screenplays, entertainment lawyers, graphic design, layout, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, writing tools, character development, subplot development, pacing, world building, developing a series, or anything else related to writing, you can ask by simply filling out the form below. 


Get in on scheduled Zoom calls to discuss anything and everything about constructing your story, subplots and developing characters with real-time examples. Click below to learn more and see past Zoom calls.

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